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ESS 381 Meteorites and Space

University of Toronto

This course will introduce students to the basics of extraterrestrial materials, planetary formation and space exploration. We will start with the story told in ‘presolar’ grains of dust, and discuss different types of chondrites and achondrites (including the moon and Mars). Several space exploration missions are ongoing or being planned, we’ll explore some of the latest projects and perhaps meet a few scientists working on missions. This course will be focused on the mineralogy of meteorites, so students will have opportunities to look at meteorite samples and even “type” (describe for the first time) a meteorite of their own and submit to the Nomenclature Committee. This course will be taught at the ROM in the brand new learning lab in the mineralogy and meteorite collection space. This will the first time this course is taught and we’ll take advantage of the 132” screen and conferencing capabilities as well as the collections making this a very interactive and hands-on course.

ESS 221 Minerals and Rocks

University of Toronto

Systematic mineralogy (including identification, classification, and description), Physical and chemical properties of minerals. Crystallography and crystal systems (symmetry, crystal structure, crystal systems). Descriptions of rocks in hand samples. Optical techniques for mineral identification.

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